stereoDecor is electronic music producer, techno DJ, digital artist and 2D animator

Hi! I'm Sam. I love electronic music and can't imagine my life without it. I listen to music a lot, compose it myself (keyboards, drums, percussion), mix (as mixing engineer) and from time to time "spin" music as a DJ (since 1995). I help to design, set up, troubleshoot, and upgrade professional audio systems, DMX controlled lighting effects and video signal distribution networks.

Also I edit promotional videos and music clips for YouTube, Instagram and other socials, and animate various 2D graphics: logos, texts, posters. I can make a custom animated intro for YouTube channel; educational or entertaining short movie with expressive characters - just provide me your script, a voiceover and graphic images.

My nickname 'stereoDecor' is a term I've made up to refer to a set of architectural and technical measures that transform living and working environment into acoustically comfortable and enjoyable state by eliminating unwanted sounds and then filling (decorating) it with desirable ones.

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Spotify playlists:

follow stereoDecor on SpotifyI've always loved to share the music I enjoy. For me DJing is a fascinating game in which I intricately influence and tease the sense of rhythm of the people around me, help them to overcome their shyness and get them involved into the coherent collective movement of their bodies and souls, let them self-express in a dance. It's a form of a very powerful and mutually inductable energy exchange.

Many years ago I've found that for me a classic, non commercial Techno and some kinds of music with sophisticated broken rhythms are the most suitable tools for such an exciting interaction. Here are some Spotify playlists with the music worth listening to:

Techno (sD selected)

Offbeat Techno (sD selected)

Electro / Acid Breaks (sD selected)

Breakbeat / BigBeat (sD selected)

Humane Robot - a heartfelt and emotional electronic music (sD selected)

stereoDecor's musical influencers

EBM (stereoDecor selected)

Melodic / Progressive (sD selected)

Music releases:

My opening [hypnotic / broken beat techno] set at HARMONIA dance music festival in Krasnodar, Russia (sD#03). Track list:

Very old Acid Techno track that I've made somewhere around ~1999-2000 using ancient softsynths - Propellerhead Rebirth RB-338 and D-Lusion RubberDuck. You can buy audio file in Gumroad digital shop

127 BPM Funky Breakbeat tune. You can buy audio file here : GumRoad | Google Play | iTunes | Amazon | Beatport

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