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Since 1995 I've helped people and businesses to deal with professional audio systems, DMX controlled lighting effects and video signal distribution networks in nightclubs, bars, shopping centers, offices and private residences. I've designed and installed hundreds of such systems, set them up, taught clients how to use them, troubleshoot and gave assistance in upgrading. Nowadays I still provide consultations on sound reinforcement and help people to choose the right equipment.



Audio mixing & mastering

audio mixing consoleI can mix your electronic dance music multi-track recording into a stereo file. I mix music in styles I like and often listen to: Techno, House (Progressive, Organic, Minimal), Trance, Disco, Breakbeat, Drum'n'Bass, Hip-Hop, EDM. Music can be with or without vocals. I specialize on mixing densely arranged music with lots of competing parts sounding at the same time. It's challenging to make the result sound punchy, loud and powerful, but I can do it. I use volume, FX and other parameters automation as well as some complex mixing techniques to achieve a good sound that translates to various sound systems very well.

Before I start mixing, apart from the 'multi-track' with all the individual tracks (in .wav of .aiff format), I need some examples of the sound, I want to hear:

  • your own rough mix;
  • other commercially released music of the same style that you like the sound of.

The quality of the sound of your mixed dance track will be high enough that you won't hesitate to send it to the record labels, to distribute it to streaming services or take it with you to the club on a 'thumb drive' and include it in your DJ mixes. If you like the sound of my own works and remixes I can make your music sound just as good. 



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I can make a remix of your music composition in case it really resonates with me. Let me listen to your original track and we can discuss all the matters. For instance here is a remix I've made for one of the pioneers of Southern Russian club industry, my friend DJ Ostap, in the style of the music that was playing during the late '90s and early 2000s at the iconic QUADRO club:



DJ Mix / DJ podcast sound enhancement

Have you recorded a great DJ mix, but the sound isn't perfect? I can make it as high quality, pleasant for the ear or as aggressive, as you wish:

  • compensate for the difference in the sound of individual tracks (I'll write automation of volume, EQ, panning);
  • remove volume jumps on transitions;
  • equalize tonal balance (bring bass / treble back to normal);
  • I will raise the volume so that the "dynamics" is not lost.
  • if the highest frequencies are "dead" and can't be pulled out by EQ - I can "synthesize" them artificially, in different ways, up to very sophisticated ones.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

What's the price for multitrack audio mixing?

I can give you a rough idea:

  • 8 source audio tracks / stems, 3-6 minutes duration, no complications -  from US$75;
  • 12 source audio tracks, 3-6 minutes, some advanced mixing techniques  - around US$130;
  • 20 source audio tracks, 3-8 minutes, advanced mixing techniques and tricks - around US$200.

What is the price for DJ mix audio enhancement?

It starts from US$50 for one hour of your audio recording.

What's the price for audio mastering?

What is usually meant by "mastering" - making sure that the tonal balance of the mix and its dynamics are good, the mix translates well to various sound reinforcement systems and bringing overall perceived loudness to the commercially acceptable "norm" of -14, -9 or -7 dB LUFS - comes out automatically during the mixing process and therefore is included in the price of the mixing (I don't see the point in making it louder, because it almost always sounds too distorted). 

Mastering as a separate, final stage of audio refinement, which is performed by the experienced audio engineer who isn't biased to that particular piece of music (another pair of ears so to speak) will cost you from US$50.

How many revisions do you offer?

I offer one free revision. If I've made a mistake somewhere - I'll make corrections promptly and free of charge. In case you would want to tweak the mix to your taste again and again I will happily do it for an additional fee for every iteration.

I which format I can send you my multitrack audio? Any level requirements?

You can send me any .wav or .aiff audio.files, 16-20-24 bit / 44.1-48-96 kHz . Audio level doesn't matter as long as there is no clipping of the waveforms. Before exporting individual audio tracks from your DAW please switch off your dynamic processors, aggressive EQs, reverbs and delays on that tracks. It's better to export reverbs and delays as separate audio tracks.

What I will get after you mix my music? Do you provide a project file form the DAW?

You will get your mixed music composition in a .wav / .mp3 audio file with the parameters you need. I do not provide project files from my DAW.

Can you provide me "mastered" stems or prepare a remix-pack?

Yes, I can deliver mix stems (drums, basses, synths, pads, vocals) which then can be used for remixing or importing into a game engine to mix them "on the fly" according to the gameplay. But there is no such thing as "mastered stems". Stems are the components of the music and are used to create (mix) something new which in turn might get mastered, the stems themselves aren't a final version so how would one master them? Just describe me exactly which stems do you need and how you're going to use them.

How to start working?

Just say "Hi Sam" :) Message me via Telegram ( or e-mail ( Or use the contact form. Send me your own rough mix, send me reference music compositions and your multitrack audio. I'll listen to it all, compare it to the references, and figure out if I can make your musical material sound as good as the references. After we discuss what exactly needs to be done I'll tell you

  • how much time it will take;
  • how much it will cost.

If you agree - you pay (via PayPal, Payoneer or to the bank account) in full and after that I will start working on your task. 

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