I recommend ZenniOptical prescription glasses

ZenniOptical makes high-quality, stylish and affordable glasses and sunglasses. I ordered few pairs of their prescription glasses online and went to my local optometrist to ensure that optical characteristics of the lenses match my prescription. She was impressed by the accuracy of the manufacturing and the quality of the lens coating. So I can defenitely recommend you to buy Zenni's glasses online, it's easy, safe and convenient, usually takes 2-3 weeks to receive your glasses (depends on where do you live). You can even "virtually try on" any of Zenni's glasses - just upload the photo of your face, point with your mouse where on the photo your pupils are, tell the system what is the distance between your pupils (PD) and you will see properly scaled image of the glasses's frame over the photo of your face - like you just put actual glasses on in front of the mirror! Very clever :) Here is a referral link to ZenniOptical's website, if you click it ZennyOptical will know that I have recommended their glasses to you and we both will receive a small discount ($5 to you and $5 to me) on our future orders at Zenny's online store.

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